August 1, 2013
- Kosrae Leadership Conference approved and endorsed construction of our 1.5 MW Ocean Wave Power Plant in Kosrae.
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January 29, 2013
- President of the Federated States of Micronesia Honorable Manny Mori in his today's letter endorses the project and expresses his full support.
December 30, 2012
- Preliminary system design has been completed.
September 30, 2012
- Wave climate study for the Island of Kosrae has been completed. Ocean conditions around the Island are favorable for WS-1 installation.
September 15, 2011
- Power Purchase Agreement signed between Ocean Energy Kosrae and Kosrae Utilities Authority.

Kosrae Leadership Conference


To Review and Endorse 
The Kosrae Strategic Development Plan 
Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia

July 30 - August 1, 2013


Original document can be viewed here


By the Kosrae Leadership Conference Endorsing the Proposed Construction and Operation of a Sea Wave Power Conversion Plant in Kosrae.


WHEREAS, the Leaders of Kosrae State gathered at the Rose Mackwelung Library from July 30th, 2013 to August 1st, 2013 to discuss, review and endorse a "Kosrae Strategic Development Plan: 2014-2023" necessary for informing and guiding development in the State of Kosrae for the ensuing 10 years and beyond; and

WHEREAS, Energy was among the development areas of the Kosrae Strategic Development Plan; and

WHEREAS, the Conference was presented the sector plan for the Kosrae energy sector which placed emphasis on developing renewable energy in Kosrae and ensuring availability of a reliable and efficient power supply at reasonable cost; and

WHEREAS, with efforts of enhancing source of renewable energy in Kosrae, the Kosrae Utilities Authority (KUA) has formed a joint venture with Ocean Energy Industries (OEI), a firm based in the United States of America to establish Ocean Energy Kosrae (OEK) in Kosrae; and

WHEREAS, Ocean Energy Kosrae (OEK)'s primary goal is to develop and operate a 1,500 KW Sea Wave Power Conversion Plant in Kosrae; and

WHEREAS, the 1500 KW capacity of the Sea Wave Power Conversion plant is sufficient to provide the current Power demand in Kosrae without depending on the Diesel fueled Generators at the KUA Power Plant; and

WHEREAS, a fully operational Sea Wave Power Conversion Plant will provide clean, renewable, and reliable power source while reducing dependence on costly imported fossil fuel thereby reducing operational cost of producing electricity; and

WHEREAS, OEK has been legally organized and set to move to the construction phase of the Project however progress toward this phase has been largely hampered by limited funding; now and therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Conference having seen the merit of the Sea Wave Conversion Power Plant and understanding the benefits of the project to be realized by Kosraeans, hereby places its support and endorsement toward the initiative to establish Sea Wave Conversion Power Plant and affirm commitment toward the project; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this Resolution be transmitted to the Governor of Kosrae; the Speaker of the Kosrae State Legislature; the Mayor of each Municipality; the Chief Justice of the Kosrae State Court; the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce; the President of the Kosrae Women Association; the Chairman of the Kosrae Council of Pastors; the President of the Kosrae Senior Citizens Association; the President of the Kosrae Youth Association; the Chairman of the Kosrae Utilities Authority Board; the President of the Federated States of Micronesia; and the Speaker of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Signed this 1st day of August of the Year 2013:

Hon. Carson Sigrah
Lt. Governor
Conference Co-Chairman

Hon. Palikun Shrew
Conference Co-Chairman

Hon. Lyndon H. Jackson
Kosrae State Government

Hon. Gibson T. Siba
Kosrae State Legislature

Hon. Aliksa B. Aliksa
Chief Justice
Kosrae State Judiciary

Hon. Alik L. Alik
Federated States of Micronesia National Government

Hon. Jacob Z. George
Council of Mayors

Hon. Yosiwo P. George
Kosrae Congressional Delegation

Mrs. Mary N. Livaie
Kosrae Women Association

Rev. Takeo Likiaksa
Kosrae Council of Pastors

Mr. Tatchuo Sigrah
Kosrae Senior Citizens Association

Mr. Witson Phillip
Vice Chairman
Kosrae Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Hans B. Skilling
Kosrae Youth Development Association